Sunday, May 23, 2021

I Want to be a Professional Gambler

 I went to the casino in Saint Louis, Missouri two days in a row very recently and profited well over 2 grand.  I didn't know you had to pay taxes on casino winnings.  Those bastards ***** me out the a$$.  I had to hand in my ID and fill out a bunch of paper work.  I want to be a professional gambler now.  It sounds so bad ass to me.  Being an arms dealer would be cool ("War Dogs" is one of my favorite movies), but pro gambler is cool enough and a hell of a lot more realistic.  I bought a book today at B&N about Poker.  I don't know anything about poker except that it can pay a lot better than chess ;)  I have some more books coming in tomorrow, one is about probability.  Pro gambling is something I can master all on my own like chess.  I won't need to go to school for it.  I can study as long and intensely as I want - again, like chess.  

I have been to Las Vegas, Nevada one time.  I actually ended up in Oregon after delivering a van to my step-sister and then caught a ride to AZ with a pit stop in Vegas.  My driver and I did a little bit of gambling.  I want to move there (Las Vegas) this Fall (2021). A lot of chess players go into Poker.  Chess and poker both involve a ton of strategy.

35-years-old and just realized what I want to do...

There will be another day!

 - Lizzi


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