Sunday, August 22, 2021

SEO By Calvin

 I opened a new domain -  There's actually been too many big ideas running through my mind recently - I want to be a pro gambler, pro content creator, learn foreign languages, teach chess, optimize websites for SEO and so on...  I need to focus.  This has been a problem of mine for many years.  I need to focus on the practical.  Start small.  My dream of all dreams is to be a digital nomad.  So, this is what I need to focus on... cut back on the content creation (ironic for a blog post, I know),  retreat from casinos and gambling books.  FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS - which is studying/practicing search engine optimization.  Why?  Because it's the most obvious answer as to how to be a digital nomad - work through my laptop!  As long as I have it and an internet connection, I can wander the World for as long and as far as I want!  And, web design is outright too complicated, well, maybe not too complicated, but it's too much like it sounds... DESIGN.  I don't have an artsy mind.  My thinking is more technical/analytical.   Anyone that gets to  know me overtime will discover my gift/skill for mathematics.  SEO is perfect!  But, it's not easy either.  And keeping up with the latest trends in SEO is a job by itself!  

Part of the reason I blog (here on Blogger) is to keep track of my thoughts.  It helps.  It's always interesting to go back from posts from years ago and realize how my opinion on something has changed, for example.  Also, writing gets me out of my mind.  It works out my thinking.  Or, it helps my thinking I guess I should say.  And it allows me to stay true to myself - that is to follow through on  my thoughts/desires. 

I meet with a spiritual counselor today.  I'm going to talk to him about Eckhart Tolle and how his book practically brainwashed me.  I need help.  Spirituality and ancient spiritual teachings can really mess your head up.  I wish I could just live my life and focus more on the material World.  

More later.  Thanks for reading

- Lizzi

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