Educate Yourself The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought

Hour of the Time Conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper's full radio broadcasts in MP3 format.  Bill was killed by the authorities shortly after the fulfillment of his 9/11 prophecy. Websites (WordPress Website Developer/Guru)

Chessgames Possibly the most extensive online database of chess games The new place to play chess - where all the cool kids go!  They also have a blindfold option!

FIDE Website of the International Chess Federation Play chess here and train regularly with rated puzzles (over 150,000 of them)

Chesstempo PGN Viewer The place to view games in PGN format Homepage of chess magnate Sam Sloan Where the quest for spiritual enlightenment begins

Project Life Mastery Master every area of your life! Create your own apparel

DuckDuckGo Because everyone loves a private search engine. Search Google anonymously

A2Hosting The web hosting platform I currently use.

WordPress The Content Management System I used for many years and that I highly recommend

Podbean The Podcast platform I use personally

The Bloggess An entertaining blog that I also use to advertise my web content

Expert Vagabond The most awesome travel blog you will ever find!

9 Signs You Aren't Taking Yourself Seriously  I would say some of the stuff in this article is profound!

Best Content Management Systems TrustRadius Great educational channel on YouTube

7 Blogging Laws for Every Blogger Stay on the legal side of the law while blogging!

The Cyber Mentor Resources List  OSINT Resources

GeoGuessr Top Tips, Tricks & Techniques Intensive article on Geo Locating an image

The Privacy, Sercurity, and OSINT Show  Hosted by Privacy Expert Michael Bazzell

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