Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Upcoming Tournament

 I'm going to play in the Megamind G/30 USCF rated chess tournament this weekend on Saturday, 10.16.2021.  It will be my first chess tournament in well over a half a year.  I did this strictly out of boredom.  But, who knows what may come out of it?  Maybe, I'll make some new friends or meet a girl.  IDK.  Or maybe I'll even win all three rounds and get first place (this has happened before).

This tournament is at the Saint Louis Chess Club.  It is their first standard rated Over-The- Board tournament since all this Corona shit started.  Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.  It's a 36-player tournament, I'll upload my games here at my blog.

I took lessons from the Iranian Chess Queen - Derakshani.  She's younger than my step-sister and is already an International Master.  She gave me some good general tips for guidance.  One thing she told me that really hit me, "I don't think chess players ever really quit playing chess".  Amen!  We all go long periods of time without playing but almost always come back to the game!  

Wish me luck!

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